Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quidditch Trunk Keepsake Box

Hey all!  I'm back with a few new projects to show!  The first one is a Harry Potter inspired quidditch trunk keepsake box.  I had made one for a customer recently and found this box after completing his.  I thought it had a great shape for a quidditch trunk and since I still had the paint and everything out, I decided to do another!  I just love decorative boxes and I really like how it turned out! 

The box is currently listed now on Etsy.  Just click on any photo below for more information and pricing.

 photo qbox2_zps7aeed79d.jpg
 photo qbox3_zpsbbef1e5d.jpg
 photo qbox4_zpsef5b34b5.jpg
 photo qbox5_zpsd4648260.jpg
 photo qbox6_zps48f614ba.jpg
 photo qbox7_zpsf3be3f4f.jpg

1 comment:

mieljolie said...

You did a wonderful job! When do I get one? :D


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