Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4 Wall Clock

Here is the second piece I currently have available on Etsy.  Again it is another Harry Potter inspired piece ( I was in the mood so I thought I would roll with it).  It is a one of a kind Platform 9 3/4 two-sided wall clock.  When I found the clock it reminded me of the one in the movies at the train station.  So, I thought it would be cool to paint it with that theme.  I filled in one of the holes on the metal frame with wood and attached a hanging wood sign and painted them for added detail.  I thought it turned out very unique and fun!  I love that you can see the time from both sides!

For more information and pricing, click on any photo below.

 photo hpclock1b_zpsaa8a4b20.jpg
 photo hpclock3_zpsa47cd6f5.jpg
 photo hpclock2_zps8f86a6d1.jpg
 photo hpclock4_zps5b2e160d.jpg
 photo hpclock5_zpsce5c6d1f.jpg

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