Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mama's Lil Pumpkin!

Well here he is, a face only a mother could love! Made for the AHQU May Mother's Day Challenge!


He sits 5 inches tall and is made out of paper clay. The little bat on his beanie is polymer clay and his socks and overalls are fabric.


Like I said before, in my previous post (there is also a before pic), the stroller is 12 inches tall. I covered the basket of the stoller with paper mache and clay to look like a pumpkin and added polymer clay vines and leaves. I covered the original handle and turned it into the shape of a bone. The wheels, after adding some missing spokes, I wrapped wire through them to look like spider webs and than attached some spiders. The wheels still spin and the top folds up and down.


The inside of the stroller has been relined with soft orange fabric so Mama's Lil Pumpkin can enjoy a comfortable ride.



Go to the Halloween Queen's Castle Bootique to see more information about him and to check out the other artist's wonderful pieces! There are three other artist that listed there May challenges in the Bootique and you can see even more listed on ebay.


Designs By CK said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute & creative Jamie!!! WOW!!! ~ LOVE the lil' spider web wheels! '-))


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! That is so Awesome Jamie. I adore the pram, those cobweb wheels! and every time you look you see different things you miss the first , like the spider! The little devil turned out perfectly, quite cutely gruesome! Bet you are so pleased with 6the pumpkin pram. Dont know how you'd let that one go, I couldnt! Kate xx

magikalseasons said...


Ghoul Friday said...

Really wonderful. I especially like the pram.

Ascension said...

Es una maravilla!!!!
Esta genial!!!
Me encanta tu trabajo
besitos ascension

SUNCITY said...

I received the Lil Pumpkin yesterday and I was blown away!

Ara said...

Yes! Kate said she got her idea for the spider web wheels from this creation of yours!! I just love it! And the little guy is too cute!

jenclair said...

Not only a mother could love that face! And what a wonderful stroller!

Prouty said...

This is so sweet! I have enjoyed running across your site, I love it all. Very talented!


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