Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally Finished the Man Eating Plants!

Well, I finally have some pics to post of the Man Eating Plant Arrangements.


I have not decided yet if I will sell one on eBay or just take them both to the Halloween show that I am getting ready to attend, I'm still trying to get more projects finished. Both arrangements have 3 man eating plants each. Each one is done with fall colored flowers. Since I handpainted scenes on each side of the pots, I tried to arrange them to where there is a man eating plant on each side of the arrangement. They are not glued in so they can be rearranged or changed.

Here is a pic before the plants were painted:

I also made thorny stems out of paper mache.

The below pics are the finished arrangements.

Arrangement 1:




Arrangement 2:




Thank you for looking! I will have more pics of pieces that I am taking to the "Spirits on First" Halloween Art show soon.

Oh and don't forget to stop on over to the Artistic Halloween Queens Unite blog for a fantastic giveaway. Drawing will be Sept. 22!


Designs By CK said...

WOW what a FUN piece Jamie!

Chris :-)

Ghoul Friday said...

Really great! Love the containers.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

These are wicked!! My favourite is the one with the black feathers but both are amazing Jamie. I cant wait to see what else you have made. What a talent!! Kate xxx

Gourdqueen said...

Wow Jamie, I so love these! I would take them wherever you can get what they are worth!

Georgina said...

This is just plain fabulous...I love it!

Pattee said...

I love your man eating plants!
They are so cool! And your displays are awesome.

My Big Mouth said...

That turned out out amazing!
I totally had a mental picture of what it was going to look like, but this is far more fabulous!

~dani~ said...

Hey Tombstone Trade partners are named! Go to my blog and look in the left column for your partners name to link to them. Please say hello..swap info and see what each others style is on the blogs/sites.

Pieces to be sent out by October 7th!!

Janell & Kristen
Dani & Linda
Marie & Jamie
Lance & Amelia
Jenny & Iva
Patty & Denise

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello & wish you a great weekend!

Chris (-:

Designs By CK said...

Hope the "Spirits on 1st" show will be a BIG success for you this weekend! Wished I could have attended as well. Hopefully next year! '-)

Popping in to say a belated hello!

Have a great weekend!




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