Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to my Creepy Creations. Please come in and sit for a spell. I am new to this so you will have to bear with me. I have been meaning to get this blog going for quite awhile now. My sister has been on my case telling me to get it done already and post something. Well here goes:

Hi, my name is Jamie Moore and I am a self taught Halloween artist.


I put this blog together to show you the work that I have done, what I’m currently working on, what I’m selling, and any crazy idea or thing that comes to me in the process.

I like to take found objects and turn them into functional one of a kind art. I always try and remember to take a photo of the piece that I am doing before I start on it. It is kind of neat to see the before and after. Sometimes it is not even used for the same thing that it started out as.

It is time for me to get back to work now. I have taken quite a break since Halloween. I am excited to get back to work. I have quite a few ideas in mind that I will be sharing with you later. I will be posting some before pics of some projects soon. Thank you so much for visiting and I do hope you come back and visit again.


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